• Ploughing Ass
    These young whipper snappers are as over sexed as any 20 something, Dmitry has already made quite a splash at UK Naked Men, and you want more, so here he is, but we know you want fresh meat, juicy prime beef, served up piping, hot - welcome James Benet. You're gonna luv this oversexed overly […]
  • Bareback Fucks For 50 Bucks
    Young boys go a long way for fifty bucks! 100% gay amateur porn! Studio: Club Bangboys
  • All Real Bareback Gang Fuck
    Get into relentless, raw gangbang fucking shot in real time! Studio: All Real Bareback Series: All Real Bareback Starring:Jorge Ballantinos Fostter Riviera Andrew Bozek
  • Hockey Player Takes A Massive Dildo In Booty
    Tim is a gorgeous hockey player who looks like he should be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
  • White Boi Is Slave To The Jumbo Dark Meatstick
    Some mans just can't keep away from the lure of the forbidden ebony meat! Dark guy Sebastion and his friend AJ are taking a walk through the woods when Sebastion makes his move. When they get back to the car, Sebastion pushes AJ up against the side of the vehicle, kissing him soundly on the […]
  • Gay Cocksucker Takes Two Large Cocks In His Firm Sphincter
    Horny cocksucker Renato loves getting screwed in his firm booty! In this movie he gets double teamed in a sunny courtyard by Adam and Andreas, who ram his mouth and then his anus full of hard shlong.
  • Gay Swimmer Suck Big Dongs
    Fernando Nielsen needs some serious jumbo dick, and he needs it any way he can get his hands or mouth on it! Ken Spencer can smell his desperation, and decides to cash in on his good luck, but so does Adam Gosett and Denzel Rossovich. Both men work their charms to get Fernando's clothes off […]
  • Innocent Surfer Stud Whacks His Thick Manhood
    Now this man is a real cutie - and something of a narcissist! He's got long, sandy blond hair, giving him a boyish, surfer look.
  • Muscle Dude Thomas Bjorn Shows Off His Dick And Fine Anus Hole
    For an older guy, European dude Thomas Bjorn has certainly got a hot body! His hair is thinning on top, giving him a dominant, alpha male appeal he's also got some great abdominal muscles that match his generally beefy frame. In this vid he flaunts himself solo, prancing around in a pair of tight white […]
  • Great Show Of A Oversize Monster Pecker By Thomas
    It's been said that curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Thomas Bjorn won't deny he's very curious about a great many things, one of which is his tight little asshole. He's never had anyone play with it before, and after a work out he decides it's time to find out what all […]
  • Hot Handsome Well Built Man Shags Out His Pecker On The Rocks
    Oliver Madsen doesn't require to be stuck in the house when he's in the mood to mess around with himself, so he starts off for the shore when the urge hits him. Once you see his body, you'll be just as happy that he decided to get out of his house and head down to […]
  • Flexible Hefty Dick Man Joey Sucks His Own Fat Cock
    Young beefcake man Joey Stevens is blessed with those two most spectacular abilities - an incredibly hefty wang, and the flexibility to be able to suck his own prick! In this clip we see him at home alone, indulging in his favorite activity - auto fellatio! First he jerks himself till he is rock hard […]
  • Giant Bike Race Leads To Big Gay Ass Fuck
    Start your engines, er I mean peddles. Bruce Vendee and Olivier Christ are taking part in the biggest bike race in town
  • Race Cooper & Leo Forte
    Race Cooper is laced up in a brilliant red rope harness that leaves him positioned like a patient on an examining table with stirrups. The only thing harder than his dark chocolate abs is his cock, which is being pumped by hunky Leo Forte, his face split by a wide grin. Leo's other hand is […]
  • Barbacking with Chuck Deep and Amerifist
    Sitting in a bar stool wearing only a jock, Chuck Deep shows his off his young sexy bod. Amerifist walks over to the boy and immediately started touching Chuck's willing hungry ass, inspecting Chuck's hot pink hole. Amerifist slides his thick finger into Chuck and kisses him hard. Chuck begins his own inspection when he […]
  • Champ & Big Mike
    With his legs in the air from a rope sling, Champ offers up his pink rosebud to Big Mikes thick hairy forearms. These two waste no time and Champs puckered hole eats every inch of arm meat it can take. His hole gets pounded and pumped till the greedy pig bottom gets a serve of […]
  • Drew Peters, Nick Horn and Jessie Balboa
    Drew Peters spends some alone-time, filling his hole with lube and his own fist in this video. Then Jessie Balboa enters and effortlessly shoves his fist deep inside Peters. Hung top Nick Horn joins the pair and shoves his meathook up Balboa's ass. Horn places Balboa ass-up on top of Peters so he has full […]
  • Deep Dish
    Christian Herzog has one of the hungriest holes in the business. Luckily for him Amerfist has on of the thickest fists and forearms around. He dives right into that hole all the way up the elbow and Christian just moans with pure pleasure and delight. If you think it can't go in any further - […]
  • Damien Stone and Wilfried Knight
    Perfectly bearded and furred stud Damien lubes up his tool and strokes it well while coworker Wilfried is watching from behind the shelving. It doesn't take long before Wilfried wants in on the action and approaches, first making out with Damien, and then licking, sucking and swallowing the giant package that got him excited. After […]
  • Shay Michaels and Damien Stone
    Shay and Damien are off the clock and make the most of their break time. Every second counts as they get busy sucking face. The guys rip off their shirts and press their hot bare chests against each other. Shay pulls Damien's huge swollen meat out and sucks on it hard, then Shay hops on […]
  • Bruno Knight and Jason Michaels
    Bruno Knight claims Jason Michaels as his new fuck-toy in this video. Jason buries his face in Bruno's thick chest fur and brushes Bruno with his own whiskers as he slides his mouth down to Bruno's crotch. Greedy Jason devours all of Bruno's massive meat like a good lad. Bruno attacks Jason's tight puckered hole […]
  • Jesse Santana and Tyler Hunt
    Jesse is trying to get his work done when he's unexpectedly distracted by big Tyler Hunt who's Xeroxing his cock and has no problem coaxing Jesse to join him and fool around. The two guys quickly go at each other with Jesse fellating Tyler's big cock like a pro. Then they're on the floor, down […]
  • Hunter Marx fucks Juaquin Ramirez
    Joaquin interupts Hunter and suggests he take a break from work. Joaquin gets down on his knees to service Hunter's meat, drawing it in and inhaling the musky aroma of his sweaty crotch. Hunter's all smiles, enjoying the sensation of having the young man's lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. Soon it's the big guy […]
  • Taylor Briggs - Taylor Briggs
    Taylor Briggs is a 29 year old aspiring actor working hard each and every day to make his dreams become reality. He never thought he would be sitting down for an interview here at NDM but life has many paths and we are glad Taylor has visited us. He was in the Army for a […]
  • Jonah Cain - Jonah Cain
    Jonah Cain is excited that he came to our studio for an amazing interview with his solo. He wasn't sure what to make of the whole adult industry thing but once he met some of our staff he said he felt extremely comfortable and ready to rock. He is an avid football player and when […]
  • Carter Woods - Carter Woods
    Carter Woods is from New Jersey and he's an avid reader and also went to College for Baseball. He loves to listen to classical music and hopes to travel the world in the near future. Carter is working on a new App to revolutionize combat sports. He's a very smart young man looking to broaden […]
  • Lucas Johnson - Lucas Johnson
    Lucas Johnson is all about bodybuilding and it's his life's mission to be the best at it. He enters contests regularly and even found out through some injuries that he doesn't have an ACL. He is motivated by the drive to live and better himself in any way possible. He has business ventures with a […]
  • Brady Breeze - Brady Breeze
    Brady is a long time baseball player who was heading for the pros until he shattered his ankle and now he looks to being a police officer one day. He has played sports since he could walk and was always on varsity plus was MVP multiple times. We found Brady through social media and wanted […]
Muscle Adonis
  • Chaout
    Chaut, the wannabee gangsta / rapper, showing off his skills, though the dick is where it's at. Chaut sure ain't shy bout dropping his draws and stroking his piece to hard perfection. This little papi thug got a whole lotta attitude and the dick and ass to match! Studio: PapiCock Starring:Chaout
  • Thug Monster Cocks
    Huge black cocks destroying willing cumdump bottoms. Hardcore interracial BB sex. Studio: Raw Oreo
Alain Lamas

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  • Ploughing Ass
    These young whipper snappers are as over sexed as any 20 something, Dmitry has already made quite a splash at UK Naked Men, and you want more, so here he is, but we know you want fresh meat, juicy prime beef, served up piping, hot - welcome James Benet. You're gonna luv this oversexed overly […]
  • Bareback Fucks For 50 Bucks
    Young boys go a long way for fifty bucks! 100% gay amateur porn! Studio: Club Bangboys
  • All Real Bareback Gang Fuck
    Get into relentless, raw gangbang fucking shot in real time! Studio: All Real Bareback Series: All Real Bareback Starring:Jorge Ballantinos Fostter Riviera Andrew Bozek
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  • Early Session - Austin Wilde
    Waking up is hard to do. But it's a lot easier when you've saved time to crank your meat in the morning! Austin likes to start each day early. He first stretches a little, still while laying in bed. He lets his hand make its way south, toward his already swollen friend. Popping it out […]
  • On The Set - Austin Wilde Solo - Austin Wilde
    It's another day On The Set! This time with Austin Wilde. This dude is bringing you on location for a NextDoorStudios photo shoot where anything can happen...and usually does!See this hot star getting extremely sexy in various steamy positions for our cameras. You'll watch him go from portrait style to porn style as he strips […]
  • The First Time - Austin Wilde -amp; Joey Devero
    Back in the saddle, Austin Wilde has a hot young first timer in bed with him in Joey Devero. Joey has never been on film or with a man, but he seems eager and willing to please as Austin rips off his shirt and begins to suck his dick. Luckily for him, Austin is no […]
  • On The Set - Austin Wilde -amp; Joey Devero - Austin Wilde -amp; Joey Devero
    It's another day On The Set! This time with Austin Wilde & Joey Devero. They're bringing you on location for a NextDoorStudios photo shoot where anything can happen...and usually does!See these hot stars getting extremely sexy in various steamy and fun positions for our cameras. You'll watch them go from portrait style to porn style […]
  • Stark Raving Wilde - Austin Wilde -amp; Andrew Stark
    Join Austin Wilde as he fires up some extremely hot, very sensual action, with the incredibly sexy Andrew Stark. They're hanging out on the couch, getting to know each other a little better. Andrew is a body painter by trade, so he definitely knows how to work his way around Austin's super-tight physique. And once […]
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Butch Dixon

Dr. FrankenFuck’s Fist Lab

Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab
Welcome to ‘Dr. FrankenFuck’s Fist Lab’, a mad fister’s hideaway, where he conducts hardcore experiments. Hugh Hunter is Dr. FrankenFuck in this sci-fi fisting thriller brought to you from the twisted mind of director Tom Moore. The mad Doctor has created two muscle stud monsters and he’s devised a special treatment that stretches their assholes to the very limits and puts them into submission to get them prepared for life in the real world. His monsters dare not complain when their treatments start as they get cocks, toys, and fists shoved up their blown-out asses. Teddy Bryce is nearing the end of his treatments but the Doctor wants to make sure he’s ready for society. The Doctor whips out his massively thick dick and has Teddy suck it before his slips it into Teddy’s ass. He follows it up with a giant ridged dildo and finally his fist. It’s the sight of the fist that makes the Doctor blow his load all over Teddy’s gaping ass. Later, Teddy wakes up confused and upside down in a laboratory chair. He’s in for his final treatment and this time he gets his rosebud going with two alternating fists up his used-up hole. Pierce Paris is another of the Doctor’s creations, and when the mad scientist catches his assistant, Scotty Taylor, sucking the monster’s cock, Scotty is in for some severe discomfort. The Doctor fucks his assistant before the creature takes over and slides a fist up Scotty’s ass. The sight of his own creation fisting his assistant makes the Doctor blow a massive load all over Scotty’s thirsty face. Then the Doctor walks into his lab to find Scotty eating Pierce’s ass, he gets upset and decides to include Scotty in the treatment. Both hunks bend over the exam table and the Doctor fucks them both with his fists at the same time. Be careful not to offend the Doctor in ‘Dr. FrankenFuck’s Fist Lab’ because you might find yourself bent over and getting his treatment whether you like it or not!
Director: Tom Moore

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Dr. FrankenFuck’s Fist Lab

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  • Take A Load Off
    Shot entirely on an ingeniously designed, and ever changing, black and white set, Take A Load Off manifests a unique fantasy featuring eight astoundingly beautiful men in four animalistic ass-pounding scenes. Artfully directed by Chi Chi LaRue, Take A Load Off is highlighted by a mind-blowing scene showcasing C1R Exclusive Brent Everett as he plows […]
  • Junior And Kaike
    As they enjoy their visit to an off shore island, Latin studs Junior and Kaike can't resist the temptation to have sex in the great outdoors. Perched on some rocks by the sea, the boys are soon kissing and stripping. Junior goes down on his top and Kaike quickly gets hard. Then Junior bends over […]
  • Ploughing Ass
    These young whipper snappers are as over sexed as any 20 something, Dmitry has already made quite a splash at UK Naked Men, and you want more, so here he is, but we know you want fresh meat, juicy prime beef, served up piping, hot - welcome James Benet. You're gonna luv this oversexed overly […]
  • Beefcakes Having a Three Way
    Daniel Brando Edgar Santos and Igor Dos Santos show off their muscles while having a threesome. The post Beefcakes Having a Three Way appeared first on Big Muscles Big Cocks.
  • Muscled Latin Men Anal
    Maurlo and Rocky Ogaranhao are muscled men with hairy chests sucking and spreading asses. The post Muscled Latin Men Anal appeared first on Big Muscles Big Cocks.
  • Intense Gay Muscle Movie
    Steve Shannon and Jeremy Tucker are muscled hotties admiring each others ripped bods. The post Intense Gay Muscle Movie appeared first on Big Muscles Big Cocks.
  • Muscled Hunks In Uniforms
    Chad Conners Paul Carrigan and Rob Steel are muscle bound gay men having a three way. The post Muscled Hunks In Uniforms appeared first on Big Muscles Big Cocks.
  • Intense Muscle Gay Anal
    TJ Sloan hooks up with another beefcake Peter Wilder to suck his dick and submit his rear. The post Intense Muscle Gay Anal appeared first on Big Muscles Big Cocks.
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  • GETTING IT - Jimmy Slavich
    Olympus' Jimmy Slavich has a perfectly toned and fit athletic body and its a wonder that this hung stud ever wears any clothes at all. Naturally, he prefers to be naked and playing with his hefty uncut cock as much as possible. Lucky for us! Settling into a comfortable chair, Jimmy handles his thick uncut […]
  • COLT Icons - Rick Koch
    From the most trusted name in all-male erotica and continuing to set the standard in masculine appeal, COLT Studio Group and its COLT Men are a cut above the rest. Standing at the apex of sexual expression, the Men of the COLT Icon Series are the cream of the crop.With piecing blue eyes. a whisker […]
  • GETTING IT - Jimmy Slavich -amp; Gregory Luck
    Lounging naked with their smooth muscular bodies, Olympus studs Jimmy Slavich and Gregory Luck spend the day GETTING IT!With freshly shaved balls and a juicy foreskin, Gregory kicks back as Jimmy dutifully services his big uncut cock. Taking turns slurping and sucking each others' big dicks gets these boys worked up for some serious fucking. […]
  • Naked Muscles - The New Breed - Chris Wide -amp; Adam Champ
    Award-winning director and producer John Rutherford recommends this memorable scene from NAKED MUSCLES: THE NEW BREED as part of our continuing series 'John Rutherford Recommends'. In this simmering hot summer scene from NAKED MUSCLES: THE NEW BREED two of our most favorite COLT Men, Adam Champ and Chris Wide play a high stakes game of […]
  • MEN OF SUMMER - COLT Minute Man Solo Series - Sean Lawrence
    As all COLT Hairy Chested Men, COLT Man Sean Lawrence doesn't disappoint! With his rock-hard abs, tight muscled body, bubble butt and fat uncut cock, hairy stud Sean Lawrence is every COLT fan's wet dream! Sean makes a wonderful first impression in his COLT debut. In the privacy of his home, Sean's intense sexual energy […]

  • D.O. & Marc Dylan
    Spreading Marc Dylan's smooth butt cheeks apart, D.O. gains easy access to his twitching hole. The handsome power top stretches the ass crack open and licks it clean. Marc gets up to suck D.O.'s dick. and he then lays back with his head over the side of the bed, opens his mouth wide so D.O. […]
  • Shay Michaels, Lawson Kane
    Shay Michaels and Lawson Kane waste no time getting hot'n'horny as they smother each other with soulful man kisses. Then Shay begins sucking on Lawson's gargantuan candy cane. Lawson is quick to return the favor, then starts rimming Shay's ass and finally fucks him. The men finish themselves off by kissing and jerking until they […]
  • Titof & Adam Kubrick
    School may not be out, but these lads certainly are. Titof and Adam take time off from their grueling college schedule to get down and dirty in their dorm room and the results are spectacular. Taking turns fucking each other, these well-hung students take a lesson in Ass Pounding 101 before shooting theirloads with more […]
  • Trent Locke and Damien Stone
    Trent and Damien try out-playing each other in an old-time video game, but it's not long before the two competitors start roughhousing and all that wrestlin' around quickly has both men forgetting the video game challenge. Horizontal on the oriental, they kiss and rub all over each other before Damien pulls Trent's shorts down to […]
  • Jesse Santana and Dominic Sol
    Dominic Sol is quick to prove his cred as the company's big cocksucker so letting Jesse Santana hold onto the back of his head, he slurps up his buddy's thick shaft. Then Dominic mounts the leather chair backwards, leaning forward to expose his firm ripe ass for Jesse to rim and fuck.

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