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  • Hot Sexy Boy Loves Jamming Tight Moist Assholes With His Tongue
    Meet Bobby, a sexy boy toy who has nothing else better to to do but eat little assholes! He just love the taste of tangy anal juice oozing out a puckering butt hole whenever he runs his tongue around a shaved asshole. In these teaser pictures he's with a handsome looking boy who is more than excited to experience Bobby's pointed tongue licking his […]
  • Wild Anal Eating Fun For These Sexy Boys
    These sexy boys just can't get their tongues off little holes! We're talking about their little assholes! Willy and Ray are two handsome sexy boys who love eating up each others hot butt holes. In these teaser pictures, see both of them bury their faces in each others firm butt cracks, with their tongues running around their puckering holes. More h […]
  • Latino top on greedy boy
    Hot duet in the shower! The Latino top gives some advice to the other dude on how to clean the showers. […]
  • Wet And Juicy Tongues Licking Tight Twink Assholes
    Smooth and creamy stud Bobby gives us a wild asshole eating show in these sizzling sample pictures! He's a hot college boy by day and raunchy asshole licker in between hours when he's not attending class! Bobby just love sticking his tongue between a handsome stud's plump buns . […]
  • The Hottest Anal Licking Action On The Web
    Stiffen up your cocks to this extra creamy treat. Two ass hungry studs busy rimming their jizz covered butt holes ! These two studs just love having sexy gay sex... […]
  • Sexy Teen Twinks Eating Each Others Asses
    These teen twinks are hungry for some hot sloppy ass fucking! Getting each other heated up, they take turns licking each others tight dark ass holes! After hammering his buddies cinnamon ring deep and hard, he sprays a shot of sticky man gravy deep into that butt, then pulls those legs up, and slurps up every drop of warm goo! Hot twinks slurping tight tasty […]
  • Hot Hung Twinks Slurping Sticky Jizz From A Butthole
    Giving that hot twink anus a nice hard tongue bath, he gets him eager for a nice rigid cock! He pounds that fat dong deep into that quivering tush, fucking him harder and faster! Turning him over so he can slam his hard cock balls deep into that hot sphincter, he sprays it with hot spunk! Offering to clean up, he slurps his salty goo up with his hot thirsty […]
  • Rodrigo, Marcelo Moreno
  • Anal Licking Fun With The Hottest And Horniest Sexy Boys
    Ass hungry boy toys making their butt holes wet with their tongues! Here's for you guys who has been dreaming of getting your faces pressed between two hot buns! Boys Lick Ass has hundreds anal licking action pictures and flicks with horny studs who just love sticking their faces in hot fresh butt holes. Just like in these jaw dropping sample pictures w […]
  • Smooth Studs Burying Their Faces In Hot Perky Assholes
    These guys love to tongue and eat moist butt holes all day long. . […]
  • Race Cooper & Leo Forte
    Race Cooper is laced up in a brilliant red rope harness that leaves him positioned like a patient on an examining table with stirrups. The only thing harder than his dark chocolate abs is his cock, which is being pumped by hunky Leo Forte, his face split by a wide grin. Leo's other hand is balled into a fist that's pushing its way through the sphin […]
  • Barbacking with Chuck Deep and Amerifist
    Sitting in a bar stool wearing only a jock, Chuck Deep shows his off his young sexy bod. Amerifist walks over to the boy and immediately started touching Chuck's willing hungry ass, inspecting Chuck's hot pink hole. Amerifist slides his thick finger into Chuck and kisses him hard. Chuck begins his own inspection when he pushes Amerifist back, drops […]
  • Champ & Big Mike
    With his legs in the air from a rope sling, Champ offers up his pink rosebud to Big Mikes thick hairy forearms. These two waste no time and Champs puckered hole eats every inch of arm meat it can take. His hole gets pounded and pumped till the greedy pig bottom gets a serve of cock and a thick load of cum all over his face. […]
  • Drew Peters, Nick Horn and Jessie Balboa
    Drew Peters spends some alone-time, filling his hole with lube and his own fist in this video. Then Jessie Balboa enters and effortlessly shoves his fist deep inside Peters. Hung top Nick Horn joins the pair and shoves his meathook up Balboa's ass. Horn places Balboa ass-up on top of Peters so he has full access to both bottomless pits. He greases up bo […]
  • Deep Dish
    Christian Herzog has one of the hungriest holes in the business. Luckily for him Amerfist has on of the thickest fists and forearms around. He dives right into that hole all the way up the elbow and Christian just moans with pure pleasure and delight. If you think it can't go in any further - then you're wrong. Christian is up on his knees so Amerf […]
  • Damien Stone and Wilfried Knight
    Perfectly bearded and furred stud Damien lubes up his tool and strokes it well while coworker Wilfried is watching from behind the shelving. It doesn't take long before Wilfried wants in on the action and approaches, first making out with Damien, and then licking, sucking and swallowing the giant package that got him excited. After blowing the ripped st […]
  • Shay Michaels and Damien Stone
    Shay and Damien are off the clock and make the most of their break time. Every second counts as they get busy sucking face. The guys rip off their shirts and press their hot bare chests against each other. Shay pulls Damien's huge swollen meat out and sucks on it hard, then Shay hops on top of a stretched-out Damien, wrapping his hole around Damien […]
  • Bruno Knight and Jason Michaels
    Bruno Knight claims Jason Michaels as his new fuck-toy in this video. Jason buries his face in Bruno's thick chest fur and brushes Bruno with his own whiskers as he slides his mouth down to Bruno's crotch. Greedy Jason devours all of Bruno's massive meat like a good lad. Bruno attacks Jason's tight puckered hole with a vengeance licking […]
  • Jesse Santana and Tyler Hunt
    Jesse is trying to get his work done when he's unexpectedly distracted by big Tyler Hunt who's Xeroxing his cock and has no problem coaxing Jesse to join him and fool around. The two guys quickly go at each other with Jesse fellating Tyler's big cock like a pro. Then they're on the floor, down on their knees with Tyler behind Jesse pluggi […]
  • Hunter Marx fucks Juaquin Ramirez
    Joaquin interupts Hunter and suggests he take a break from work. Joaquin gets down on his knees to service Hunter's meat, drawing it in and inhaling the musky aroma of his sweaty crotch. Hunter's all smiles, enjoying the sensation of having the young man's lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. Soon it's the big guy craving a snack and he […]
  • Johnny Diesel - Johnny Diesel
    As the last remnants of day fade behind the city skyline, Johnny Diesel stands on a balcony looking westward towards the Pacific, watching the sun set and huddling closer as it gives way to night's chilly air. Johnny moves inside as the light disappears, kindling a fire and relaxing with a drink. As he thumbs through the pages of a magazine, Johnny feel […]
  • Derek Webb - Derek Webb
    Derek Webb is an energetic, all-American kind of guy with a desire to please and the body to deliver. An athlete in high school, Derek shows off his guns and his cans, as he does a few light chores around the house. His work takes him out to the tool shed, where he takes a breather to down a beer and relax for a second. Sitting back on a paint bucket, he wip […]
  • Carter - Carter
    Carter is one cut-up Russian, with barely an ounce of fat on his frame. A car dealer in LA, he spends his days working the lot and his nights are spent working something else. With a chiseled physique that seems sculpted, Carter reclines on a bench outside, taking in the sun and just enjoying the warmth of the sunlit afternoon. Back inside now, he begins to […]
  • Logan - Logan B
    Logan is a hard working guy from the east coast who is taking it easy and taking it all off for you to see. A physical trainer by day, Logan puts his qualifications on full display, as he slowly sheds his clothes, running his hands over his chest and standing his cock up in full salute. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he falls back onto the bed and looks ove […]
  • Tyler - Tyler B
    Tyler is a small town country boy from Kentucky. Though soft-spoken and polite with a Southern gentility, do not mistake his kindness for weakness, as Tyler has been a serious fighter for most of his life. Spurred on initially by his rough upbringing, he has since found positive motivation through boxing and fight instruction, turning a negative into somethi […]
Muscle Adonis
Alain Lamas
  • Wet And Muscle Oiled 8: Greg And Jany Wet
    Greg and Jany Wet explore each other’s hot bodies! Studio: Michael Steel Productions Series: Wet And Muscle Oiled Director: Michael Steel Starring:Greg Jany Wet […]
  • Pumped
    Bodies, bodies and more bodies, that's what you get in Pumped, Hot House's tribute to the body beautiful. These handsome muscular hunks boast bulging chests, ripped abs, beefy thighs, juicy bubble-butts and long thick cocks that are pumped to perfection. Shot on sweeping chromatic sets that put each chiseled body on full display, Pumped features on […]
  • Massage Bait 6
    How about a dick massage? Just lay back and enjoy this ass pounding! You'll feel so relaxed and loose when I'm done with you! A hot tongue massage! Take every inch! Work that ass! No tips please. Just thank me with your mouth! Tyler does his best massaging with his dick! Studio: Driveshaft Series: Massage Bait Starring:Tyler Saint MC (m) A.J. Irons […]
Live Muscle Show
  • Carlos Baxter, Rod Stevens, Guy Tucker
    Hooray for gym sex scenes - there is nothing quite like watching these three gorgeous boxers going at it, especially when it's Carlos Baxter, Rod Stevens, and Guy Tucker. They are fit and in prime shape, with just enough muscles to look great but not so many that they look gross. I love seeing some secret sex in the lockers - there is nothing like watch […]
  • Carlos T, Grant Hue
    Older gay studs Carlos and Grant are sitting out on the deck one morning, enjoying the sun. They are dressed only in their underwear and sunglasses. There is something frisky in the air, and they start to admire the bulges beneath each others' underwear. The submissive guy takes his friend's cock in his mouth and swallows it right down to the base, […]
  • Gino Gultier, Stonie
    Isn't it a pain in the ass when your car breaks down? In this hardcore gay anal scene, it really literally is a pain in the butt! The repair man can't get this poor man's car started, so instead of taking it personally and being frustrated, the car owner simply invites repair man up to his apartment. As soon as they are in the front door the g […]
  • Richard Bangs, David Santana
    A couple of young Latino gangsters meet up on a rooftop, retiring back to the apartment for some hot oral and anal fucking. These guys are young and super cute, dressed in baggy jeans and singlets. Soon the clothes hit the floor, revealing a pair of muscular and toned bodies; these guys have obviously seen a lot of gangbanging action on the streets! There is […]
  • Anthony Cruz, Ausher
    A macho black stud is trying to repair his vehicle. Just then, his flamboyantly gay neighbour comes over to see what all the fuss is about. The homosexual neighbour is wearing a bright shirt in rainbow colours, proudly proclaiming his queerness. Since it looks like there is going to be no joy as far as the car is concerned, the black guy decides that he may […]

  • Early Session - Austin Wilde
    Waking up is hard to do. But it's a lot easier when you've saved time to crank your meat in the morning! Austin likes to start each day early. He first stretches a little, still while laying in bed. He lets his hand make its way south, toward his already swollen friend. Popping it out of his undies, Austin rubs it with his palm, keeping his hand an […]
  • On The Set - Austin Wilde Solo - Austin Wilde
    It's another day On The Set! This time with Austin Wilde. This dude is bringing you on location for a NextDoorStudios photo shoot where anything can happen...and usually does!See this hot star getting extremely sexy in various steamy positions for our cameras. You'll watch him go from portrait style to porn style as he strips down and turns up the […]
  • The First Time - Austin Wilde -amp; Joey Devero
    Back in the saddle, Austin Wilde has a hot young first timer in bed with him in Joey Devero. Joey has never been on film or with a man, but he seems eager and willing to please as Austin rips off his shirt and begins to suck his dick. Luckily for him, Austin is no amateur, as evidenced by how quickly Austins oral skills get the new comer hard. Flipping him o […]
  • On The Set - Austin Wilde -amp; Joey Devero - Austin Wilde -amp; Joey Devero
    It's another day On The Set! This time with Austin Wilde & Joey Devero. They're bringing you on location for a NextDoorStudios photo shoot where anything can happen...and usually does!See these hot stars getting extremely sexy in various steamy and fun positions for our cameras. You'll watch them go from portrait style to porn style as the […]
  • Stark Raving Wilde - Austin Wilde -amp; Andrew Stark
    Join Austin Wilde as he fires up some extremely hot, very sensual action, with the incredibly sexy Andrew Stark. They're hanging out on the couch, getting to know each other a little better. Andrew is a body painter by trade, so he definitely knows how to work his way around Austin's super-tight physique. And once you see the hard, fat cock on Andr […]
Muscle Hunks
Butch Dixon Video Shoot – Charlie Jackson – Bonus Video of Charlie’s Photo Shoot – Young Pup & His Very Erect 9 Inch Uncut Cock

Charlie is a young footballer who did a shoot for our sister website and enjoyed his first every nude photo shoot so much he decided to let me push his boundary! So today you can enjoy this confident straight young man taking off his clothes, he flops out a rather over sized uncut cock, pulls a little on his rather nice foreskin and it starts to grow. Charlie is lucky, his uncut cock is large when soft and watch it grow into a magnificent erection, his cock bounces to his heart beat! A young man who is enjoying showing off his body, after lots of wanking and teasing he lies back and unloads his balls. Nice mess, well done Charlie. Click here to see the shoot

See original here: Video Shoot – Charlie Jackson – Bonus Video of Charlie’s Photo Shoot – Young Pup & His Very Erect 9 Inch Uncut Cock

Tall Lean Personal Trainer Perry Shows Off His Over Sized Uncut One!

I did a shoot with Perry for our sister site and he seemed so comfortable out of his clothes I thought he needed pushing quick so here he is stripped naked and enjoying showing off his hair free and very tanned body and, well, one big asset anyone would be proud to show off! Perry is well blessed, he maybe lean and slim but he is over built in one department with one big uncut asset swinging between his long and slender legs! No wonder he is happy to drop his briefs so fast and how big it is soft; just a slight bit of attention and it grows nicely, still pointing down and it must be at least eight inches long! A little bit of teasing and wanking later and judging on how much cum shoots out Perry is looking like one great new discovery! Click here to see the shoot

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Tall Lean Personal Trainer Perry Shows Off His Over Sized Uncut One!

Matt Gay Ass Spreading

Muscled gay Matt Raven spreading his ass wide to take deep hole filling from a big cock Click here to watch this gallery

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Matt Gay Ass Spreading

Sebastian Bronco V. Frank Trost

Sebastian Bronco V. Frank Trost
First-time appearance of HUGE bodybuilders in! Two super ripped musclemen engaged in an “Ancient Greek” style wrestling !!

Video starts with the two guys posing for each other after they got rid of most of their “TOGA” clothes. Then a hot muscle worship follows. The musclemen wrestle in chitons where we can see their dicks and asses coming out sometimes.

Then, these two musclehunks delight us all with their huge flexed muscles during the wrestling. The much taller and heavier Frank easily defeats the strong but smaller Sebastian and he has to suck Frank’s really big dick.

Ass-eating and two intense fucking positions follow and the video ends with Frank’s fountain-cumshot in a face-sitting position.

Director: Roland Dane

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Sebastian Bronco V. Frank Trost

Stripper Dudes Uncensored 3

Stripper Dudes Uncensored 3
These hot studs with their tight stripper bodies get whatever they want! Hot fit studs taking cum!

Studio: Epic Male

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Stripper Dudes Uncensored 3

Jock Strap Worship 2

Jock Strap Worship 2
Worship these sexy studs and all they wear – even their jock strap!

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Jock Strap Worship 2

Restless Youths

Restless Youths cover

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Josh Vaughn and Blake Riley are here to show you how “Restless Youths” can be tamed.

Stars: Blake Riley Johnny Hazzard

Categories: Safe Sex Hardcore Anal Gay Muscles

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Rascal Video

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Restless Youths

Hungry Holes

Hungry Holes cover

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Butch Dixon’s Hairy Muscle men and Daddies offer their horny holes and cock-hungry mouths for servicing duty. How ironic, since there are men in this movie who are in the service! From POW’s who know how to pull the trigger on another man’s gun, to chaps

Categories: Anal Pigs Safe Sex Bear Gay Muscles International Euro

Scene Number: 3

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Butch Dixon

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Hungry Holes

Tall, Hairy, Muscular Painter Matt Cardle – Shows off his white bits in the Sunshine!

Straight hunk Matt has been busy these last few months when not decorating or singing he is wanking in the sunshine, feeling the gentle breeze around his nuts! Matt is great on camera he likes a little bit of attention and today enjoys the warmth of the air on his body and plays real slow and teasy; once second gently stroking his uncut cock, the next tugging at his foreskin; the next squeezing and playing with his very hairy balls! Matt has a naturally hairy body and an in tact bush and today you get a good view of his quite hairy hole. After a lot of persuasion he lies back and shows off his hole to the bright sunshine! So lots of teasy wanking, gentle touching and squeezing and he sits back and dumps his load. A very happy lad unloaded! Click here to see the shoot

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Tall, Hairy, Muscular Painter Matt Cardle – Shows off his white bits in the Sunshine!

Man Rammin’ 2

Man Rammin' 2
When gay porn superstar Johnny Hazzard decided to work with us in his first solo and live show both got our members so hot they could hardly stand it. The big question was, who do we pair him up with for some Man Rammin`? Dallas Evans and Milo Sommers were both asking to do a scene with Eric because he`s just such a hot fuck. Since three is a lot more fun than two we threw both of them in. The first kiss, not as furtive as one would think, but rather two tongues diving into open mouths, eager to please and be pleased. We`re sure Raphael won`t forget the first time with us. Jorge Fusco sits there gazing up at Jeremy Walker. He loves big hard muscle and Jeremy`s got it in abundance.
Studio: Randy Blue
Director: Randy Blue

Originally posted here:
Man Rammin’ 2

  • Pumped
    Bodies, bodies and more bodies, that's what you get in Pumped, Hot House's tribute to the body beautiful. These handsome muscular hunks boast bulging chests, ripped abs, beefy thighs, juicy bubble-butts and long thick cocks that are pumped to perfection. Shot on sweeping chromatic sets that put each chiseled body on full display, Pumped features on […]
  • Jock Invasion
    Next Door Studios come's back with this amazing movie. Watch these jocks fuck each others nuts and bust their loads everywhere. Enjoy! Studio: Next Door Studios Starring:Tyler Torro Joe Lander Kevin Crows Jay Cloud Anthony Romero Brandon Lewis Parker London Christopher Daniels Gabriel Lenfant Calvin Koons […]
  • Wet And Muscle Oiled 8: Greg And Jany Wet
    Greg and Jany Wet explore each other’s hot bodies! Studio: Michael Steel Productions Series: Wet And Muscle Oiled Director: Michael Steel Starring:Greg Jany Wet […]
  • Bedroom Big Cock Tease
    Handsome jock taking off his clothes to show off his hard muscles and eager shaft Click here to watch this gallery […]
  • Buffed Gays Threesome Fuck
    Hard muscled gay men taking turns in sucking off dicks and taking hard cock bottoming Click here to watch the movies […]
  • Hunk Office Worker Striptease
    Horny gay office worker unbuttons his shirt to show off his hard torso and chiseled abs Download the free movie clips now […]
  • Macho Gay Cock Tease
    Hard bodied gay hunk showing off his chiseled hairy torso and playing with his hanging meat Watch the preview movies now […]
  • Hung Muscled Stud
    Handsome gym buff showing off his hard muscles and playing with his big man meat Click here to watch this gallery […]
Muscle Gallery

  • D.O. & Marc Dylan
    Spreading Marc Dylan's smooth butt cheeks apart, D.O. gains easy access to his twitching hole. The handsome power top stretches the ass crack open and licks it clean. Marc gets up to suck D.O.'s dick. and he then lays back with his head over the side of the bed, opens his mouth wide so D.O. can really cram his dick down his gullet. D.O. Marc soon m […]
  • Shay Michaels, Lawson Kane
    Shay Michaels and Lawson Kane waste no time getting hot'n'horny as they smother each other with soulful man kisses. Then Shay begins sucking on Lawson's gargantuan candy cane. Lawson is quick to return the favor, then starts rimming Shay's ass and finally fucks him. The men finish themselves off by kissing and jerking until they blast cum […]
  • Titof & Adam Kubrick
    School may not be out, but these lads certainly are. Titof and Adam take time off from their grueling college schedule to get down and dirty in their dorm room and the results are spectacular. Taking turns fucking each other, these well-hung students take a lesson in Ass Pounding 101 before shooting theirloads with more cum then you're likely to have se […]
  • Trent Locke and Damien Stone
    Trent and Damien try out-playing each other in an old-time video game, but it's not long before the two competitors start roughhousing and all that wrestlin' around quickly has both men forgetting the video game challenge. Horizontal on the oriental, they kiss and rub all over each other before Damien pulls Trent's shorts down to start sucking […]
  • Jesse Santana and Dominic Sol
    Dominic Sol is quick to prove his cred as the company's big cocksucker so letting Jesse Santana hold onto the back of his head, he slurps up his buddy's thick shaft. Then Dominic mounts the leather chair backwards, leaning forward to expose his firm ripe ass for Jesse to rim and fuck. […]
Muscle Romania